Audio recorder Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Recorder Videographer Kit

Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Recorder Videographer Kit
Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Recorder Videographer Kit Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Recorder Videographer Kit
  • Videographer's kit
  • Olympus LS-P4 audio recorder
  • Flashlight Slipper Adapter
  • Tripod Adapter
  • Audio connection cable (3.5mm stereo jack to jack)
  • Windshield
  • Rechargeable battery
  • PCM voice recorder
  • FLAC, WAV, MP3
  • 96kHz / 24-bit
  • Fade-in / fade-out function
  • Variants:
  • Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Recorder Podcaster Kit
  • Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Recorder Interviewer Kit
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High quality sound.
Small file size.

The LS-P4 is one of the few linear PCM recorders in the world compatible with FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) recording. It reaches almost perfect 96kHz / 24-bit (better quality than CD) but with 30% smaller file size compared to PCM WAV format.

Your device.
And your settings.

You can also use the LS-P4 as a Hi-Res music player for FLAC files or for WAV and MP3 music. Thanks to the Equalizer in User mode, it is very easy to customize your playback. You can even enjoy tracks downloaded from high definition music websites.

Natural sound.
Smooth recording.

The LS-P4 is one of the first linear PCM recorders to offer built-in fade-in / fade-out functionality. With this feature, you can gradually increase the volume from the source from the first second and decrease it to the end. This is valuable when recording live music, because it produces a very natural transition without unnecessary harmful side noise.

Creative writing.
Unique sounds.

Enjoy easy recording overlay with your LS-P4 recorder. By listening to the original track, you can record a new one on top of it, creating a whole new song. For example, you can record the drums first and add rhythm and bass on top and then vocals to get to the final mix.


Your perfect company.

A slim and compact device that you can always carry with you: The LS-P4 is a high-quality audio recorder and music player all in one. At the same time, it is super easy to use. The sound is crystal clear and dynamic.

Extremely compact.

Bring the LS-P4 anywhere with you to record audio with your camera or listen to your music whenever and wherever you want. It is 60% smaller than the popular Olympus LS-14 voice recorder and is even 45% lighter than the best-selling smartphones in 2016.


Video Collection with LS-P4

Sound is the most important

Pay special attention to the audio and you will make a blockbuster. Use the LS-P4 to record great sound for your videos. After that, all we have to do is stretch out the red carpet for you and the stars LS-P4 and OM-D E-M1 Mark II!

Brilliant video owes its glory to great sound (at 51%)

Super compact and lightweight, the LS-P4 is a must-have audio recorder for every videographer. Even on the go, you can record Hi-Res audio.

Compact device with exceptional capabilities

So small that it fits in your palm. And so high quality that it opens up a new world for creative recordings for you. Every audio professional will be fascinated by the features of the LS-P4.

Perfect operation with the OM-D camera

The LS-P4 can be attached to any digital camera (including the OM-D), ensuring a more accurate and clean sound recording than if you rely solely on the camera's built-in microphone.

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