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Microphone Rode Wireless GO

Rode Wireless GO
Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO
Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO Rode Wireless GO
  • Wireless GO is the world's most compact wireless microphone system
  • TX Transmitter with Omnidirectional Microphone
  • LCD display
  • Management of 8 systems simultaneously
  • Transfer: 2.4GHz Series III
  • Dynamic range: 100dBA
  • Frequency range: 50Hz - 20kHz
  • SPL maximum: 100dB
  • Built-in Li-Po battery - up to 7 hours
  • TX Input: 3.5mm TRS for Brooch Microphone
  • RX Output: 3.5mm TRS
Price: 379,00 BGN


Get confident in the world of wireless audio with Rode Wireless GO - an incredibly compact wireless microphone system that offers secure 2.4GHz Series III transfer and easy operation for journalists, videographers and bloggers alike.
The system is ready at the touch of a button. You can focus on getting an image while Wireless GO delivers quality sound with a range of up to 70 meters. No complicated menus and subtle settings - functionality with a bright, informative LCD.
Record high quality audio, even if you don't have an external microphone- Wireless GO is a comprehensive system consisting of a miniature transmitter with an integrated Omni microphone, a small receiver,
3.5mm cable, USB charging cable, two windshields and a storage case - everything you need to get outdoors.
Attach the compact transmitter to a garment or belt and use as a microphone a "brooch" and connect the receiver to the input of the recorder with the included cable.
Whether you use the handy built-in transmitter microphone or connect another brooch microphone, you will inevitably achieve clear, crisp and clear sound.

TX: 31 years
RX: 31 years

TX: 44x45.3x18.5 mm
RX: 44x46.4x18.5 mm

Box contents

Rode Wireless Go

1 piece. TX transmitter
1 piece. RX receiver
2 pcs. windshield
1 piece. case
2 pcs. USB-A to USB-C cable
1 piece. SC2 cable

Rode Wireless GO

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