Audio recorder Zoom H4N Pro

Zoom H4N Pro
Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro
Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro Zoom H4N Pro
    • Mobile audio recorder
    • Built-in X / Y stereo microphone - alternating between 90 and 120˚
    • 2 XLR / TRS inputs
    • Records up to 4 channels at a time
    • 24-bit / 96kHz audio, WAV and MP3
    • 3.5 mm linear output
    • SD / HC memory card
    • Up to 10 hours recording with one battery charge
    • Includes: Case, Cubase LE and WaveLab LE
    • Variants:
    • Zoom H4N Pro (black)
    Price: 479,00 BGN


      The Zoom H4n Pro comes with features that make it perfect for recording audio for a movie. Built-in X / Y microphones provide spectacular stereo through the ability to change the angle (90˚ and 120˚), and two combined inputs allow you to use your favorite microphones as well. It also has a Line out output for easily sending high quality stereo directly to your camera / camcorder.

      H4n Pro is perfect for recording live performances. With up to 140 dB SPL processing capability, it can record everything from metal to electronic music. The combination of features, compact design and superb audio make it extremely suitable for interview recording and podcasting.

      The H4n Pro has low noise microphone preamps that can record and play audio at up to 24-bit / 96kHz in WAV and MP3 format .

      Three ways to record

      STEREO MODE uses the built-in X / Y microphone (or external microphone) and is convenient for recording live performances, acoustic instruments, dialogue and more.

      In 4CH MODE mode, you can record with the built-in X / Y and two external microphones at the same time.

      MTR MODE (Multi-track Mode) turns your device into a four channel studio with built-in effects, overlay features and the ability to work with pre-recorded audio files.


      The H4n Pro works with 2 AA batteries, providing up to 6 hours in normal operation or up to 10 hours in STAMINA mode. The optional AC Adapter AD-14 lets you power the H4n Pro from any standard outlet.

      Box contents

      Zoom H4N Pro

      Protective case
      Cubase LE Software
      WaveLab LE Software
      2 AA Batteries


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