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LumiQuest accessories


LumiQuest is an American brand of photographic accessories, flashes, and folding light modifiers.

In PhotoSynthesis stores you will find LumiQuest accessories for on-camera flashes, velcro mounts, and more.

Accessory LumiQuest LQ-051D Soft Screen

  • Flash diffuser designed to take the light from light from built-in flash units of digital or film SLRs Attaches to the external flashlight shoe and has an additional magnifying glass as an accessory for stronger attachment
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Price: 25,00 BGN
Code: 106050183
Accessory LumiQuest LQ-121S Gel Holder

  • Compatible with Rosco Strobist 55-Piece Filter Kit
Price: 29,00 BGN
Code: 106050193
Accessory LumiQuest LQ-126 UltraStrap - non-stick tape for attaching accessories

  • The world's only * (by manufacturer data) bar that allows you to attach accessories to the flash without sticking the tape or accessory Compatible with most popular LumiQuest lightning and accessories
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Price: 19,00 BGN
Code: 106050196

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