Microscope Nikon Fieldmicroscope mini

Nikon Fieldmicroscope mini
  • Nikon Fieldmicroscope mini is a compact version of the Nikon Fieldmicroscope field microscope. Its smaller size is achieved by removing the built-in lighting system while retaining the same optical quality at a 20-fold increase and reinforcing the watertightness. Easily packed in a backpack, it allows you to monitor microscopic living organisms in the mountains or on the seashore wherever you go.
  • Vertical correction: 42 mm from the base of the table
  • Adjusting the distance between the eyes: 51-72 mm
  • Slide: Removable, double-sided (top: flat, bottom: built-in cup)
  • Weight: Approx. 395
  • Field of view: 11 mm diameter
  • Optical system: Umbilical, non-invisible image, individually adjustable diopter on the right eye-eyepiece
  • Increase: 20x (fixed)
Price: 799,00 BGN
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