Book Bird's eye view of Bulgaria - Alexander Ivanov

 Bird's eye view of Bulgaria - Alexander Ivanov
  • Alexander IVanov, for the third consecutive year, was severed from the city by a motorcycle and a trucker from Bulgaria. Highlighting points, birdwatchers are introduced into the subject and language of the photo. The proportions of the image, figures, and examples are merged with the outside, the horizon absent. It is easy to live in from a specific to an astonishing, well-known in person, and also from an ugly to a beautiful ...
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Year of publication: 2010
  • Language: Bulgarian, English
  • Publisher: Bulgeia Ltd.
  • Cover: solid
Price: 49,00 BGN

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Alexander Ivanov, after his fiftieth anniversary, is torn from the ground and watered with a motor-car and a paraplaner over Bulgaria. The high point of view, the bird's eye are embodied in the substance and language of the photograph. The proportions are modified, the figures and objects are fused with the terrain, the horizon is absent. It is easy to move from concrete to abstract, from late to unknown, and also from ugly to beautiful. Exactly these transitions turn into emblematic images. The author manages to choose exceptionally suitable objects, with Bulgaria abundant, testifying to the differences in the photo and its primordial image. Sunny Beach from above. The photos are terrifying, the reality is horrifying. Concrete floods the sea. How beautiful and difficult it is to love Bulgaria! Did you deserve it? A categorical and persuasive answer is contained in this album. You're following him!

Nicholas Treyman