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Flash Sony HVL-F32M

Sony HVL-F32M
Sony HVL-F32M Sony HVL-F32M Sony HVL-F32M Sony HVL-F32M
  • External flash with plug-in for multiple interfaces. Leading number 105 (32 m) at ISO 100 and 105mm. Built-in wide panel and reflective structure for unobtrusive light. Resistant to dust and moisture for shooting under all conditions. Easy-to-read LCD panel. Fine, compact and lightweight for easy portability. Weight: 0.235 kg (without batteries)
Price: 679,00 BGN


Automatic electronic flash (of type) with pre-flash measurement; for multi-interface plug-in, auto-scaling, high-speed synchronization (HSS), power-level switching, wireless flash, reflected flash. Automatic switching in a focal length range of 24 - 105 mm. The viewing angle at a focal length of 15 mm is also covered by the wide panel. Note: When used with APS-C type image sensor cameras, focal lengths are equivalent to 35mm full-frame framing. Socket adapter (ADP-AMA, sold separately) is required for use with cameras equipped with an auto-lock accessory

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