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Power Pack Profoto 900824 Acute 2R 2400 Value Kit

Profoto 900824 Acute 2R 2400 Value Kit
Profoto 900824 Acute 2R 2400 Value Kit Profoto 900824 Acute 2R 2400 Value Kit Profoto 900824 Acute 2R 2400 Value Kit
  • Compact and lightweight universal set with built-in 32-channel PocketWizard receiver ©. Adjustable modular lighting. Asymmetric distribution. Opportunity to operate with voltage 100-120 V or 200-240 V.
  • Pilot Lighting (General): 1500W (200-240V)
  • Color Temp.: 5600 ° К
  • Top number: 128 @ 2 m / ISO 100 with Magnum reflector
  • Pulse length (t 0,5): 1 / 1800-1 / 320 s
  • Loading: 0.18 - 3.2 s
  • Power (total): 2400 Ws
Price: 9 999,00 BGN


Profoto Acute2R is a kit consisting of an Acute2R 2400 generator with a built-in PocketWizard, 2x Acute D4 Heads and 2x Zoom reflectors.
Profoto Acute D4 is a pulse head that can make the most of the D4 and Acute D2 generators. Despite its small size, it supplies power up to 2400Ws. The heads are compatible with the full range of Light Shapping Tools.


Synchronization and control
Radio sync built-in PocketWizard (32 channels / 4 groups)
Radio Scope 300m
Automatic voltage change (power supply) no, manually selectable 90-130V; 180-250V, 50 or 60Hz
Ready indication yes, sound, pilot lighting
Control - reload speed Fast / Slow
Automatic network fuse type Buschon C, D, E 16 A / 23 0V 20 A / 120 V
Dimensions (Generator) 30x19x13cm
Weight (Generator) 5.9kg
General features
Acute / D4 Head>
Asymmetric power distribution maximum 4 f-stops (aperture)
Top number 128 @ 2 m / ISO 100 with Magnum reflector
Lead number: Magnum reflector, Zoom reflector, White umbrella. 128/64/32
Recharge time 0.18-3.2s at 230V / 50Hz, 0.17-2.9s at 120V / 60Hz
Profoto Impulse Head Sockets 3 x
Pulse length (t 0,5) 1 / 1800-1 / 320s
Cable length 4 m
Power 100-127V / 200-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Protection / Fuse (requirement) - max. power and speed Bushing 10A / 230V, 16A / 120V
Protective glass yes, matte
Impulse lamp quartz pulse lamp
Impulse capacity up to 4800 Ws
Power (total) 2400Ws
Power range 6 f-stops (75-2400Ws)
Cooling yes, fan
Pilot lighting - maximum power 1000W (100-120V), 1500W (200-240V)
Pilot lighting - maximum power (head) 500W
Pilot lighting 250W to 500W
Power distribution Socket A 150-2400Ws Socket B 75-1200Ws
Power adjustment and complete step
Pilot lighting modes proportional, independent control, off
Sinho nest 1 x
Synchronization and control>
Specific information - conditions Acute / D4 head, 120 or 230V AC
Photoce ll / IR-slave, Switch yes
WEIGHT 2.2 kg
Dimensions 10 cm, 26 cm

Box contents

Profoto 900824 Acute 2R 2400 Value Kit
1 x Acute2R generator with built-in PocketWizard © receiver.
2 x Acute / D4 Head.
2 x Zoom reflector.
1 x Bag.

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