Bag Olympus Wrapping Case

Olympus Wrapping Case
  • High quality polyester protective case. Transfer protection and extraordinary compactness. Suitable for a single-lens PEN camera.
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Fully consistent with its name, the high-quality synthetic case fits snugly around your PEN as a second skin, providing compactness and reliable protection for the camera while carrying it in another, larger bag. Reliable and stylish, the packaging case holds various M.ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses, preventing them from accidentally scratching or hitting.

Suitable for one PEN body with any of the following lenses:
- 9-18mm 1: 4.0-5.6
- 12mm 1: 2.0
- 14–42mm 1: 3.5–5.6
- 12-50mm 1: 3.5-6.3 EC
- 14-150mm 1: 4.0-5.6
- 40-150mm 1: 4.0-5.6 (R)
- 14-42mm 1: 3.5-5.6 II (R)
- 17mm 1: 2.8 pancake
- 45mm 1: 1.8

Olympus Wrapping Case

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Price: 25,00 BGN