Filter B+W CLEAR UV HAZE (010) 58mm

B+W CLEAR UV HAZE (010) 58mm
  • This UV filter blocks the ultraviolet component of daylight, which could cause blurring and blue shades. UV filters are suitable for shooting at high altitudes, near the seashore and in places with exceptionally pure air.
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This UV filter blocks the ultraviolet component of daylight, which could cause fogging and blue tones.
UV filters are suitable for high-altitude, off-shore, and extremely clear-air photography.
This UV filter is colorless, does not change color rendering and does not require adjustments in exposure parameters.
This makes it suitable for permanent protection of the front lens element against the undesirable effects of mechanical and chemical factors.


Filter features
Type UV Haze 010
Degree ...
Size (diameter) 58 mm
Filter Factor ...
Multilayer coating None
Rotate None
Effect Blocks ultraviolet rays; removes blurring and blue tones in the frame; protects the lens front lens
Application For cleaner and sharper frames in color and black and white photography
Color temperature Color neutral
Design ...
Cap size 58 mm
Size of the front thread 58 mm

B+W CLEAR UV HAZE (010) 58mm

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Price: 49,00 BGN

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