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Maco Movie Photography Accessories

Photo Chemistry Maco CITRIN B&W STOP BATH 500ML

  • Excellent product quality that replaces acetic acid. Citric acid is less dangerous than the estimated acid. It is used as an intermittent interrupter bath for restraining fixings and more.
Price: 19,00 BGN
Code: 115020037
Photo Chemistry Maco EPX11 ECOFIX 1L

  • Universal application for all black white films and photographic RC documents. Also suitable for machining (diluted 1: 4).
Price: 13,00 BGN
Code: 115020038
Photo Chemistry Maco Fomafix P 1L

  • Two-component acid fixation. Suitable for all kinds of black and white papers and films
Price: 9,00 BGN
Code: 115020005
Accessory Maco GNHP45P Glassine Negative Sleeves For Sheet FIilms 10x13cm / 25pcs

  • For storage of negatives 4x5 "(10.2x12.7cm) 25 sheets External dimensions: 25x31.5 cm Pocket size: 11x13.5 cm
Price: 15,00 BGN
Code: 115040002
Accessory Maco JHC120S Japan Camera Hunter Movie Box 120/5

  • Film storage and transport box Stores up to 5 (120 rolls) film Made of sturdy black plastic that protects your films from wind and rain The lid adheres tightly and prevents light from penetrating
Price: 29,00 BGN
Code: 115040005
Price: 7,00 BGN
Code: 115040006

  • Envelope for storing photocopies
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Price: 14,00 BGN
Code: 115040007
Photo Chemistry Maco PRINT NO B&W PRINT DEVELOPER 1.2L

  • High-quality developer concentrate ready for use after dilution with water. Suitable for processing in trays, roller and roller conveyors.
Price: 29,00 BGN
Code: 115020036