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Lightmeter Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster

Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster
Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster
  • The new SPECTROMASTER C-700 is the world's first spectrometer to measure the light parameters of all types of sources - diode, fluorescent metal halide, halogen, impulse (flash) and sunlight. The device allows measurement of the light composition to 1 nm of the wavelength that allows it to capture even the smallest peak values in the diode and fluorescence light spectrum. Its advanced CMOS sensor and software covers a wide range of 1600 to 40,000 Kelvin (K).
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The SPECTROMASTER C-700's intuitive large (4.3 ") color touch screen makes it easy to navigate between spectral distribution screens, comparative, Color Rendering Index (CRI) data and much more. It is also the first spectrometer to measure wireless flash illumination and provide color data and basic light outputs.

The SPECTROMASTER C-700 is the link between the camera and any light source, specifically targeting the accurate color measurement of diode (LED) lighting that is needed and sought after by professionals worldwide.

Reproducing colors just like in reality has always been a primary goal for photography and video from the beginning. Even today, in the age of digital photography, photographers continue to seek the exact control of color in the growing variety of light sources. The challenges of modern light sources and in particular diode (LED) lighting are increasing rapidly and color control is becoming more complex and complex. Sekonic meets this challenge with this relatively affordable, user-friendly and virtually unique device.

Main characteristics:

- Measures LED, HMI, fluorescent, halogen, natural light and pulsed (lightning) in 1 nm wavelength from 380 to 780 nanometers.
- Wide range of color temperature measurement (1 600 to 40 000 K) and luminance (1 to 200 000 lx for available lighting and 20 to 20 480 lx s for pulsed lighting) available in both digital and film modes
- Convenient to use - 270 degree head rotation, dark calibration without cap, large 4.3 "touch color LCD display and custom features
- Various screens (Spectrogram, CRI, Text, RoscoⒸ and LEEⒸ color filter, WrattenⒸ, LEEⒸ and FujiⒸ lens filter, white balance compensation, comparison of different light sources)
- Measured in Kelvin (K), Illumination (lux), LB / CC filters (for lens or illumination), LB / CC index, CRI (Ra, R1 to R15), ⊿uv
- Up to 99 measurements can be stored in memory
- The C-700 Series Utility (in CD-ROM included with the product) provides easy device setup and analysis of recorded data on a computer

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