Filter Hoya Hoya Cir-PL Slim 67mm

Hoya Hoya Cir-PL Slim 67mm
  • Highly efficient polarization filter with circular polarization of light
  • Slim - makes the filter suitable for wide angle lenses without vignetting.
  • Hoya Cir-PL Slim 58mm
  • Hoya CIR-PL SLIM 77mm
  • Hoya CIR-PL SLIM 72mm
  • Hoya Cir-Pl Slim 37mm
  • Hoya Cir-Pl Slim 55mm
  • Hoya Cir-Pl Slim 49mm
  • Hoya Cir-Pl Slim 82mm
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Hoya Hoya Cir-Pl Slim 67Mm

Hoya Hoya Cir-PL Slim 67mm

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Price: 79,00 BGN

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