Calibrator X-Rite ColorChecker® Passport

X-Rite ColorChecker® Passport
  • X-Rite ColorChecker Passport is a pocket reference for color calibration of a digital camera. It has compact dimensions and a sturdy polycarbonate plastic housing that facilitates storage and protects internal components from damage during transport.
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The ColorChecker Passport has three work surfaces with a total of 50 different color elements. Their functions:

The main color table contains 24 specially selected color boxes representing the main colors (blue, red and green), their opposite (cyan, magenta and yellow), as well as a set of common constituent colors plus a smooth gradation from black to white. In fact, it contains the same colors as the ColorChecker Classic, which makes the ColorChecker Passport compatible with all software products that can generate and / or edit color profiles (such as the free Adobe DNG Camera Editor).

The additional color chart contains 26 color boxes that allow more accurate verification of the reproductive performance of the camera used.

The third working surface of the instrument has an 18% neutral gray coating for manual white balance and precise exposure determination.

The dyes used are spectrally neutral and allow the camera to calibrate the colors under different light conditions.

Using the ColorChecker Passport is easy: just take a test shot in which the color table is placed under the same light conditions as you would shoot. When you start processing frames from a session with Adobe products (Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom), you need to export the photo of the color table as a RAW file in DNG format and open it in the included X-Rite free ColorChecker Passport software. It automatically generates a color profile for the camera that is valid for the light conditions under which the image was taken. This profile is used as the basis for editing in the Camera Raw module of Photoshop or Lightroom when processing the entire sequence of frames.
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