Insurance of Photographic Equipment

„Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.“

Murphy's law

In other words, we know how often the expensive (for our heart and not only) equipment is damaged or even disappeared.

We offer you to protect your new equipment against the most common risks.

Fall or hit

Wetting or burning

Theft or robbery

Incorrect use

Ensure complete peace of mind with our Insurance!

We offer you insurance of your new equipment that protects it from the moment of purchase for fire, flood, explosions, burglary and robbery, even from casual and improper handling and many other more frequent and less common risks!

You can make insurance at the time of purchase for any camera, lens, flash, video camera, monitor, voice recorder or set containing any of the items you buy from PhotoSync.

You can see the cost of the insurance for the product you choose in the "Insurance" calculator on the item's page in our online store as well as during the order confirmation process.

Please note that when purchasing a payment, the value of the insurance is not included in the amount of the credit and is paid separately.

General terms and conditions of insurance