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Battery Pentax D-LI 90

  • Lithium-ion battery PENTAX D-LI 90 (7.2 V, 1550 mAh)
Price: 159,00 BGN
Code: 114010190
Battery grip Pentax D-BG6 Battery Grip

  • Pentax D-BG6 Battery Grip is a Battery Flu for the Pentax K-1 DSLR Camera Fits a D-LI90P Battery or 6 AA Batteries
Price: 499,00 BGN
Code: 103060037
Accessory Pentax D-BH109 AA Battery Holder

  • Holder for 4 AA batteries. With it you can use charging or alkaline AA batteries are your K-30 or Kr.
Price: 59,00 BGN
Code: 114010186
Battery Pentax D-LI109 Li-On Battery Pack

  • Lithium-ion battery for Pentax KR Capacity: 1050 mAh, 7.4V
Price: 159,00 BGN
Code: 114010188
Price: 20,00 BGN
Code: 103040365
converter Pentax HD 1.4x YES AW AF Rear Converter

  • High resistance to dust and water
  • Loss of light power: 1 blends
  • Weight: 126 grams
  • Compatibility: Pentax K
  • Increase: 1.4x (40%)
Price: 799,00 BGN
Code: 103020120
Accessory Pentax O-RC1 Remote Control Waterproof

  • Waterproof infrared remote for the following Pentax models: Optio I-10, W90, K-7, Kx
Price: 59,00 BGN
Code: 103010030