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Lomographic Society International was created in 1992 by a group of students in Vienna. After discovering the popular Russian camera from the 1980s, they were inspired and develop and design a wide range of film cameras, films and lenses for analogue photography.

In PhotoSynthesis store you will find Lomo film cameras, instant cameras, films and lenses.

Film Lomo F1121BW3 Earl Gray B&W 100 ISO 120

  • Black and white film with 12-tone tonal range
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Price: 13,00 BGN
Code: 115010056
Film Lomo F120XP3 Lomography XPro 200 ISO 120 mm

  • Positive color 120 mm / 36 film For cross-processing
Price: 15,00 BGN
Code: 115010057
Film Lomo F3361 Color Negative 100 ISO 35mm 1 pc

  • Color negative film with saturated colors 35 mm / 36 frames
Price: 8,00 BGN
Code: 115010059
Film Lomo F8120C3 800 / 120

  • Color 120mm negative film ISO 800/30 ° C-41 Rich, saturated colors Ideal in low light conditions
Price: 13,00 BGN
Code: 115010061
Price: 98,00 BGN
Code: 100050012
Camera Lomo FCP100RED Fisheye One Red

  • Compact camera with fisheye lens and built-in flash
Price: 89,00 BGN
Code: 100050013
Camera Lomo FCP200 Fisheye No. 2

  • Compact camera for 35mm movies with a fisheye lens with a 170 degree angle and fixed focus Opportunity for multiple exposure Long-lasting exposure possibility Built-in flash and socket for external flash Additional Fisheye viewfinder
Price: 110,00 BGN
Code: 100050014
Price: 118,00 BGN
Code: 100050015
Accessory Lomo H100SPLIT Instant Splitzer

  • Allows multiple exposures of the film to achieve creative effects
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Price: 29,80 BGN
Code: 115040042
Camera Lomo HP150SLR Konstruktor F

  • Make your SLR with your own hands! This set of constructors makes it easy to learn the basic principles of film camera operation The set includes all the necessary elements, a screwdriver, guide and patches for customizing the camera Removable 50mm f / 10 lens
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Price: 78,00 BGN
Code: 100050020
Camera Lomo HP200B Belair X 6-12 City Slicker

  • Medium-format camera with electronic shutter 6x6, 6x9 and 6x12 frames available Interchangeable lenses (90mm and 58mm lenses included) Movie settings from 50 to 1600 ISO Opportunity for multiple and continuous exposure 120 mm film
Price: 498,00 BGN
Code: 100050021
Camera Lomo HP360 Spinner 360°

  • Supercompact camera for 360-degree panoramas of 35mm film Two sets of cloud and sunshade diaphragm Built-in level and mount for tripod mounts 8 panoramas in 36 frames
Price: 178,00 BGN
Code: 100050022