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Filter B+W ND 0.9-8X (103) 72mm

B+W ND 0.9-8X (103) 72mm
  • Excellent color neutrality. Filter Factor: 8. Reduce light scatter with 3 f-steps for effective shots (eg when shooting waterfalls) or in very bright light, and use an open low-depth diaphragm. Light "warming" of colors.
  • Variants:
  • B+W ND 0.9-8X (103) 55mm
  • B+W ND 0.9-8X (103) 58mm
  • B+W ND 0.9-8X (103) 67mm
  • B+W ND 0.9-8X (103) 77mm
  • B+W 73018 ND 0.9 COATED 8X 103E 40.5MM X0.5
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Filter features
Type Neutral 0.9-8x (103)
Degree 0.9 (correction approx. 3 f-stops)
Size (diameter) 72 mm
Filter Factor 8 (approximately)
Multilayer coating None
Rotate None
Effect Reduces the amount of light that reaches the photosensitive material
Application For long exposure or high brightness values in bright light
Color temperature ...
Design Schott glass
Cap size 72 mm
Size of the front thread 72 mm

B+W ND 0.9-8X (103) 72mm

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Price: 179,00 BGN

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