Filter B+W UV-PASS (UV-Black) 403 52mm

B+W UV-PASS (UV-Black) 403 52mm
  • This filter blocks the entire visible light spectrum and passes UV A radiation ranging from 320 to 385 nm Suitable for use with the appropriate light sensing elements (films) for science or forensics and as a UV filter for photography
  • Variants:
  • B+W UV-PASS (UV-Black) 403 58mm
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Filter features
Type UV Pass (UV Black)
Degree ...
Size (diameter) 52 mm
Filter Factor 8-20 depending on the photosensitive element (film
Multilayer coating None
Rotate None
Effect Transmits UV A radiation (320 to 385 nm) and blocks the entire visible spectrum of light
Application Scientific and criminal photography as a filter for UV radiation
Color temperature ...
Design Glass, F-Pro mount
Cap size 52 mm
Size of the front thread 52 mm